1) Flower Festival 20171

EVENT DURATION :  25/03/2017 – 28/05/2017

LOCATION : Showa Memorial Park (Showa Kinen Park), Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan


At Showa Kinen Park, the Flower Festival features a blooming relay starting with the cherry and rape blossoms in late March and continuing on to late May, as tulips, Shirley poppies, and other flowers come into season.

While the festival is in session, there are lessons that everyone from children to adults can enjoy, as well as thematic photo exhibitions based on spring flowers.
When the cherry blossoms are in bloom, there are lots of events to enjoy such as exhibitions and lessons related to these flowers, Segway tours of the best viewing spots, and more. During the Shirley poppy season, participants can take part in a flower picking course.

2) Spring Rose Festival

EVENT DURATION :  09/05/2017 –  31/05/2017

LOCATION : Jindai Botanical Gardens, Chōfu, Tokyo, Japan


This award-winning garden is the largest in the Kanto area, and has received the World Federation of Rose Societies’ (WFRS) Award of Excellence, and the rose garden inside has about 5,200 roses of about 400 different species, and they all bloom beautifully.
There is a collection of large plants and original species grown since the garden’s founding such as the rose this garden is named after, “Queen of Jindai,” and a variety of other precious roses to see and enjoy.
The “Spring Rose Festival” is held to coincide with the best time for seeing the flowers.
The roses also add vivid color to a variety of established regular events such as the morning tour and concerts that are prepared for the festival. Enjoy the colors of the roses as they glow in the gentle spring sunlight during this event.


3) Mt. Takao Young Leaves Festival


EVENT DURATION :  08/04/2017 –  28/05/2017

LOCATION : Mount Takao, Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan


The new greenery is lush and beautiful, and Mt. Takao is rated with 3 stars by the Michelin Guide. This is where the “Mt. Takao Young Leaves Festival” is held.
The cherry blossoms bloom in early April, and around May, the entire mountain area is covered in fresh, young greenery.
During the event period, there are local hero shows, street performances, concerts of children’s songs, and Taisho koto musical shows planned.
Also, there are performances featuring traditional crafts of Hachioji such as Kuruma Ningyo puppet shows, and there’s something for everyone from children to the elderly to enjoy. The scenery in the Mt. Takao area in the spring is said to rival the autumn leaves, and this event provides activities to enjoy with your friends and family in addition to hiking.

4) Kanda-matsuri Festival

EVENT DURATION :  11/05/2017 –  17/05/2017

LOCATION : Kanda Shrine, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan


Kanda-matsuri Festival is one of the three largest festivals in Edo, and indeed in all of Japan. The grand six-day celebration attracts the largest crowds especially on two days. In the Shinko-sai parade, mikoshi portable shrines weave from Kanda to Nihombashi, to the Ote-Marunouchi area, and to Akihabara. And in the Mikoshi Miya-iri procession, a hundred floats prepared by the parish towns enter the shrine premises to worship. Both events offer the chance to see the energy of Japanese mikoshi parades.
* This year the mikoshi parade is on Saturday and Sunday, May 13 and 14.

5) Sanja Matsuri

EVENT DURATION :  19/05/2017 –  21/05/2017

LOCATION : Asakusa Jinja Shrine, Taito, Tokyo, Japan


7   8

According to a legend, Hinokuma brothers Hamanari and Takenari pulled a Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) statuette from the Miyato (Sumida) River when casting their net there. A wealthy landlord named Hajinomatsuchi enshrined the statuette in his home, which was the beginning of today’s Sensoji temple. Later, a shrine was built to honor the three men as deities. This is the Asakusa Shrine, whose nickname Sanja-sama means Shrine of the Three Gods.The Sanja Festival was started to celebrate the three tutelary deities of the locality and has long been nationally recognized as the wildest festival of Edo-Tokyo. It is counted among the three great festivals that originated in Edo and still remains as an important event of Tokyo.

6) The 69th Tokyo Minato Matsuri

EVENT DURATION :  27/05/2017 –  28/05/2017

LOCATION : Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal, Chūō, Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo Minato Matsuri is held in and around the Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal. Tokyo Minato Matsuri welcomes visitors to myriad attractions including a publicity corner for organizations associated with the Port of Tokyo, and on the 28th a Firefighters’ Pageant on the Water by the Tokyo Fire Department.




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